“No love is more sincere than love for food”

George Bernard Shaw

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Cooking Class

with chef Barbara

Ortea Palace and Incanto Restaurant offer a cooking class inspired by Sicilian tradition. During the “Breakfast with the Chef” a strictly personalized menu will be developed and tailor-made for each individual customer. Each lesson involves the active involvement of each student, can be structured in groups (an excellent idea for corporate team building) or individually. The lessons have a minimum duration of 3 hours.

Bring with you the desire to learn and we will provide everything you need to cook, buy and locate the freshest products on the Ortigia market, while remaining faithful to your personal tastes. You will receive an apron signed Ortea Palace and the recipe with the photo of the dish cooked by you. At the end of the lesson there will be a tasting of the cooked dishes, paired with the excellent Sicilian wines from the cellar.


Shopping at the market, lesson in the kitchen, dinner and tasting of the wines chosen by the Sommelier, dessert selected by our Pastry Chef. Minimum 2 People – Maximum 6 People. Duration of minimum 3 hours

Bakery Class

with Pastry Chef Giuseppe Tarantino

The cooking class of our Pastry Chef Giuseppe Tarantino is made for enthusiasts and amateurs who want to learn more about pastry techniques in a practical and fun way. Get involved: the course will allow you to make small pastry pearls, learning the secrets of original desserts, to conclude dinners and lunches in a spectacular way and leave your guests speechless.

You can choose between different types of pastry, ranging between the different recipes of the Sicilian and Italian tradition, with the possibility of being able to get to know the typical ingredients of our territory, which characterize the cuisine of Incanto Restaurant.


Introductory briefing, lesson in the kitchen, tasting of the desserts made. Minimum 2 People – Maximum 6 People Duration of minimum 3 hours

Mixology Class

with Bartender Dario Sgroi

In high demand for corporate team building, the masterclass is made for those who want to discover tricks and curiosities about the art of mixology. Directly from the Bar Champagnette of Ortea Palace, the Bartender Dario Sgroi will accompany you through a path of knowledge of the different types of alcohol and will teach you the preparation of the most famous cocktails in the world.

The participants of this master class will have the opportunity to get to know the art of mixing, experiencing the balance of aromas and flavors, learning the right combinations with food. It is necessary to have a lot of curiosity and passion for good drinking, all the tools to participate will be provided by Incanto Restaurant.


Introductory briefing, lesson at the counter, tasting of the cocktails prepared. Minimum 2 – Maximum 6 People Minimum Duration is 2 hours

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